Chant for Peace

Chant for Peace is a community group that was created by Iowan Kirtan Wallah Justin Matthews in April of 2017. The mission of this group is to bring people together to sing and enjoy in Holy Kirtan. This is an ancient Indian form of spiritual and musical expression that utilizes the power of Mantra for the purpose of devotion, healing and spiritual awakening.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to come enjoy in the experience of this form of musical mantra meditation and sound healing. You are welcome to bring an instrument, sing, dance, listen, ask questions and enjoy coming together as a community.

Our hope is to nurture an environment of peace, love, self expression and exploration through positive community interaction.

No musical, philosophical or ideological experience or belief is required. This is an informal group designed for both the experienced and beginner who wish to come together as a community. All songs and mantras will be taught, as well as explained via oral presentation and paper hand outs.

We look forward to sharing in the experience of Kirtan with you soon!