We seek God, like we seek a pair of lost spectacles, blindly and frantically we often search, believing they will never be found, while the whole time it is in our front pocket only. Just as the case when something is lost, with a calm mind, it can always be found just within reach.

In response to this, someone wrote: “What if we don’t seek a deity? My response to this is: “Then seek the self that is neither distracted nor hindered by anything that does not bring true lasting fulfillment and joy. Seek that which satiates and nurtures you, not what simply fulfills an urge or desire. If we seek to ease our hunger, sure something like McDonalds will do just fine, but it will not give us any nutrients. So we must also seek externally and internally those things that would truly nourish us, which means to discover a true sense of self and to develop a sense of self love, that treats the self as the greatest love we have ever known. If we develop this love, then everything else will just simply and naturally come.”

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