Pain of the Dreamer

Pain of the Dreamer

By: Justin Matthews

January 13, 2015

Silent and sanguine is this place I lay, so far away. Unfettered by the mortals touch, eternal in its bliss. Beyond death’s reach, it’s ageless beauty is unparelleled, unable to be captured by the meek confinement of words. Every gust of wind sings harmoniously as the leaves dance gayly from limb to limb, but so gently as to not break from stem. The Sun’s warmth radiates divine, reflectling it’s heavenly light off of mirror like waters, which leave me hypnotized as they entrap my gaze. Peering deep below, deeper than I have ever known, my eyes like gateways into infinity. All I am, all I have been, all that I ever will be unfolded out before me as I stretch out like a slinky seeking solid ground. Floating in serenity as the unknown becomes known, the whole universe going round inside this tiny vessel I call home, an expanse unfathomable. My mind is spinning on the spindle, weaving threads of stars, interconnected braids of creation, sublime in all facets.The temporary nova, the onset to the coda of this blissful coma. From the drums of hell, my whole world comes crashing down, with each beat I am ripped away, my serenity cast into dismay. Painfully my eyes open, squinting into a glimpse of the mundane. My alarm prodding insanity as I frantically thrash, seeking to be liberated from the hellions call towards reality. I lay motionless, yearning to return to this neverland, but anchored I am unable to fly from the clutches. This is the pain of the dreamer.

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