Our Boiling Pot of Desires

Our Boiling Pot of Desires

By: Justin Matthews

March 29, 2016

Desires are like a pot of boiling water, when properly tended to, one understands the tendencies of their desires in this present moment. Such as when to increase the heat or our energy towards acheiving our desired result, but also when to decrease the heat when things feel out of control. This awareness allows us to remain balanced in achieving our goals, but it also helps us to prevent our desires from “boiling over the edge” so to speak, which in itself is somewhat destructive in nature.

It is the suppression or the ignoring of one’s desires that like the pot of boiling water, when left unattended creates such a mess in our lives. Desires are a natural part of who we are and if we take the time to acknowledge every desire as it arises, it allows us the ability to let that desire run its course. Every aspect of our lives has a beginning, a peak and inevitable end, but in failing to accept one’s desires, we stifle this natural process, leaving “what ifs” and unfulfilled experiences that lead only to future instability.

Desires are not something to feel guilty or ashamed of. If I enter your home and see something that I just love beyond all rational thought, my mind may think how I can possibly posses this item of yours. This thought enters my mind of its own volition without me having to conciously conjure it. The wrong is not in the desire for this item of yours or even in my thought of possessing it, the wrong only arises when I take this desire from the realm of thought and into action.

It does not matter how “pure” or “unpure” one may believe themselves to be, if you see something that brings you pleasure, there will be a part of you that desires for it. This is completely natural and in time, with some deeper thought you may no longer feel this desire when confronted with this thing, but for the time being it is ok to acknowledge these feeling as they arise.

We must understand our desires, asking ourselves such questions as: “Why do I desire this thing?” “What about this thing do I desire?” “is this thing necessary or good for my life?” Question all desires in order to understand their root cause and in understanding the root, you may comprehend rather you face a weed of life or a beautiful flower. Seek to use proper discernment when pursuing the fulfilments of one’s desires.

Should we act on the fulfillment of all of our desires? No. If I desire fresh honey from a hive of bees, but know nothing of bees and stick my hand into the hive, what will happen? I will bring great suffering into my life for the pursuit of a moment of uncertain future pleasure.

There are many potential pleasures to be experienced in our lives, but life is a game of balance. Not all desires will have a positive effect on our lives, even if their fulfillment may bring temporary joy, some desires if they are not right for our lives, will only bring us suffering.

Most desires are merely temporary sensations within ourselves and are not meant to come into fruition. For example if every time you were angry at a friend or family member and desired for something negative to happen to them came true, than we probably wouldn’t have too many friends or family left now would we? Through proper discernment and the understanding of one’s desires, we may be more concious in choosing which desires to put our energy towards in life. This concious awareness and acknowledgment of our inner desires will lead us to living a much more fulfilling life. Love all aspects of the self and we will find true liberation from all internal bonds.

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